Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome and Happy 2011

I have been trying to figure out some way to communicate with my customers, moms and crafty persons on some sort of regular basis. I have been doing Facebook, but feel this is starting to lose it appeal with all the people that have "liked" my page.  Also, Facebook has changed their policies on allowing giveaways on the business pages. With my small business (Plain & Fancy Bowtique), I rely on giveaways as a way to promote my business.
I also considered sending out a semi-regular e-mail blast. This certainly has its advantages.
However, after thinking about it for a few weeks and after consulting with a few of my friends and customers, I decided to set up a blog (short for “Web Log”). That’s what you are reading now.  Please be patient with me during the beginning as I will make changes till I find what feels right.
After many months of lurking in the crafty blog world I've decided to start my own.  The allure of the crafting community is strong. I want to thank all you crafty bloggers for giving me entertainment, inspiration, and an overall energy boost, each very necessary to me after my 2010 crafting and life roller coaster.

2010 was a very crafty and emotional year for me. My youngest child (before the new addition came in Dec. ) was old enough to allow me to expand my crafting endeavors.  I made new crafty friends (mostly through Facebook), I felt like I had found people that understand me, not just as crafter, but as a mom and business woman. THANK YOU!!!

So, what do I want out of this blog?  Well I way to share what I make/made as a mom, crafter and business.  I will have giveaways from my business Plain & Fancy Bowtique.  Hopefully I will post new products and discounts.  Being a mom of 5, I will be posting many trials and errors of my life, because along with making stuff, I am sure I will be making mistakes.  I want to share about and from other great crafters and small businesses.

Here are a couple of things that I made in 2010.
I made this.....This is a ribbon belt that got added to my collection in July.

 And that too.....Ribbon shoe laces were added at the beginning of 2010.  They have been my #1 seller.

So to ring in the new year I will be giving away a  pair of shoe laces just like the ones shown above.  All you have to to is follow me on this blog and you are entered. 
This was the greatest thing I made in 2010.  

Well I am signing off.
Wishing you and your family a happy 2011!!