Friday, July 15, 2011

Tinted Moisturizer

Well as most of you know I am a mom of 5 kids, and getting myself ready can really be a challenge.  I have taken a challenge to not always look "frumpy" (word I use alot).  As beauty experts always say you need to use a moisturizer everyday with a SPF.  So to give me a refreshed look everyday (no matter what the day brings) I made my own tinted moisturizer. 
I was introduced to the stuff in HS.  I personally LOVED the kind that Avon had, but over the years they phased it out and it only comes around every now and then.  Having five kids we are on a strict budget and making my own is way more affordable.  Below I am going to tell you how to make your own.  

Foundation or Mineral Make up (pick a color slightly darker than your normal shade)
Your favorite moisturizer with a SPF
A beauty spatula or thin popsicle stick
Empty lotion bottle or you can get the travel size kind.

1. Fill the empty bottle 3/4 of the way with your favorite moisturizer.
2. Start mixing in your liquid foundation or mineral make up (if using a powder mineral make up you will need to mix little bits with the lotion to cream it up then add it to the bottle)
3. Make sure you mix well and test it until you come up with the right shade.
Now you have a quick way to add light coverage.

I hope you enjoy this
Chaun V.