Friday, July 15, 2011

Tinted Moisturizer

Well as most of you know I am a mom of 5 kids, and getting myself ready can really be a challenge.  I have taken a challenge to not always look "frumpy" (word I use alot).  As beauty experts always say you need to use a moisturizer everyday with a SPF.  So to give me a refreshed look everyday (no matter what the day brings) I made my own tinted moisturizer. 
I was introduced to the stuff in HS.  I personally LOVED the kind that Avon had, but over the years they phased it out and it only comes around every now and then.  Having five kids we are on a strict budget and making my own is way more affordable.  Below I am going to tell you how to make your own.  

Foundation or Mineral Make up (pick a color slightly darker than your normal shade)
Your favorite moisturizer with a SPF
A beauty spatula or thin popsicle stick
Empty lotion bottle or you can get the travel size kind.

1. Fill the empty bottle 3/4 of the way with your favorite moisturizer.
2. Start mixing in your liquid foundation or mineral make up (if using a powder mineral make up you will need to mix little bits with the lotion to cream it up then add it to the bottle)
3. Make sure you mix well and test it until you come up with the right shade.
Now you have a quick way to add light coverage.

I hope you enjoy this
Chaun V.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I made....A bottle cap key chain

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I am hoping to do better now that the baby is getting bigger and I am not so stressed about our house.
So today I am going to share with you a free tutorial on how to make a bottle cap keychain.  Sorry for some of the pics, my son was helping me by taking pics so I could use both hands.
First here is your supplies. This is what I use, but if you want to change anything to add your own style then that is fine.
So we have split rings.  I have two sizes 9mm and 33mm.  
Paper Glaze or 1" epoxy dots.
1/16" hole punch
Welding pliers and a piece of felt
1" bottle cap (I used one with a design on one side)
Bottle cap image (there are many you can get from ETSY ). The one I am using was free share from a forum that I belong to.  Making your own is a whole new tutorial.  
Sticker maker (pic is below)

 Line your welding pliers with the felt.  This keeps the bottle cap from getting scratched.
 I have found by placing the bottle cap this way when applying pressure you get less dents.
 You want to apply even firm, but not to firm, pressure.  You will have to rotate the cap to get it flattened on all sides.
 Here is one side after it is flattened.  It gives it that "charm" look.
 Here is the other side.
 Now you want to make your image sticky on one side. This is what I use and LOVE IT!!!!
When you get one it needs to be permanent adhesive.
 Place the image inside the cap.  Press firmly down on your image.
 Now you either place your epoxy dome over the image or use the paper glaze according to the directions.
You can also use a resin.  This is just personal choice on what you want to use.
 You need to punch your hole in the cap.  Then place the 9mm split ring through it.  Add the larger split ring and..........
Voila.... You have made a
bottle cap key chain.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
Chaun V.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog to Follow

So I know that many of you are moms.  One thing about moms is we are really good about helping each other out and having great ideas.  Here is a blog that gives you some of those ideas that can really help you out, Everyday Mom Ideas. Today she has a guest blogger, Small Fry and Co., she is going to show you how to make travel cosmetic bag.

She is also holding a contest on the blog for a free pack of Avery Labels.  I know my friend Katina would like them to get her house and her classroom organized.  Here is the link.

So today I didn't share anything that I made but I wanted to share some other great blogs out there.  I hope you enjoy them.

Chaun V.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Made This.....a Tote

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. You know how life goes, and here life goes a lot with 5 kids.
Today I have a great I made this... it is a No Sew Tote. This was made for my youngest daughter who just started taking dance classes, and she needed something to carry her shoes in. As a bonus I TRIED (key word there) to make a tutorial for you. I really hope you enjoy it.
You are going to need two coordinating fabrics or bandannas.  I like using the bandannas because your top is already going to have seam.
Place bad sides together and fold in half.
Next cut through all the layers.  I did 3.5" in and 1" apart.
Start tying the layers together.  You will get the two from one side and the other two from the other side and tie them together.  When done go back through and make sure all the pieces are TIGHT. Then get random pieces and tie them together.

Here is what it looks like when all tied up.
 Now to add handles.  Get 46" of ribbon.  I used 1.5"  A roll of Witch Stitch or Heat Bond for Hems.
Start warming up your iron to the instructions of your No Sew Bond you are using.  I also recommend that you have an iron that you can use just for your crafts.
You are going to cut a strip of the Witch Stitch the size of your opening of the bag.
Cut 4 pieces (2 for each handle) of Witch Stitch the width of your ribbon.
Lay down your long strip right below the seam.  Then place your ribbon over that and about 1/4" below the Witch Stitch.  Now place your two small pieces on top of the ribbon.
Now lay the top layer of fabric over all of that and start ironing according to the directions.  I recommend that you use the end of the ironing board to help hold the bag.

Now flip it over and iron the other side.
Repeat for the other handle.
And here is the finished product.
I really hope you enjoyed this post.
If you make this please post pics on the Facebook page so we can see.
Chaun V.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I MADE my family do.

So this past week has been really crazy. We had the ultimate winter storm here in Texas. You think being locked in the house for four days I would get so much done. WRONG!! With all 5 kids in the house I got NOTHING... I mean NOTHING done.

So on to what I made my family do. At my church they are doing a 40 day fasting. Well with me breast feeding I can not quite do that. So I came up with my own fasting for me and my family. Yes this more goes on the lines of lint but we have never done anything like this so we have to work our way into it. As a family we have given up eating out for 40 days. Easy you might say, but not for us/me. I am all about convenience with my big family. My thinking behind it is this, fasting is suppose to help you grow and provide self improvement. By us not eating out we will be eating at the dinner table more and growing as a family. Also, we will be praying at dinner time as a family. So our growth as a family and God will be met. The extra bonus, we will not be physically growing, I hope to be shrinking.

With one week now down the struggle begins.
Wish us luck that we can make it through. Prayers would be nice too.
Chaun V.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Valentine Sewing and Paper Crafts

Here are some ideas for you for V-Day. (I am just sharing)

Kids and Chores

So this past week has been a little bit crazy in the household.  I am trying to figure out my 5 week old's schedule.  Seems he still likes the eat every two hours, with little sleep in between and a lot of crying schedule best.  So as I start pulling my hair out because I can not seem to get to do much of anything I realized that we are a family and a family needs to work together.  So I made this.... a chore chart for my family.
First I read this really cool article, here. (The big thing I got out of it was the structure part.)  We can all use a little bit of that right now.  Then I made a chore chart from this website, here. 
What I did was print out two of the toddler (My First Chore Chart) ones for my two girls.  My 5 year old loves it.  Even though they each need help with a chore or two it is nice to see them understand that they each have a job.
Second I printed the pre-teen chart for my two boys.  Then I went and made a table in MS Word and modified it to say more things such as, see Family Chore Chart.  You think that you would not need the basic stuff on there for a pre-teen, but you do.  In my experience if it is not spelled out for them then don't expect them to do it.  Think of the Cosby episode where Theo test his parents with "exact words".  That is how my kids play the system too.  
Third, I then took the idea of the Family Chore Chart, again modified it some in a table in MS Word.  I then put the names of the people whose job it was to do that chore that day.   Then highlighted each person with their own color.  Below is a picture of what I did. (it is unfinished because I need a pink highlighter for my girls.  On this chart is even chores that me and my husband have to do.  It was nice to show the kids what all we do, do.  As you can see I even left some blanks on the bottom to add things in later.  

All the charts were places in a sheet protector.  That way on the boys charts they can mark off with a dry erase marker.

So what is my "and That Too"?  Well as a family this morning we made breakfast and even got the girls to help.


Well I hope you all had a great extended weekend.
Signing off.
Chaun V.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Excited about these new ribbons.....

I am so excited to show you the new ribbon prints that I found for shoe laces.   The cupcake one has to be my favorite.  It will match so many clothing lines out there, and with Valentines Day coming up they will be nice to sweeten up any outfit. Comment on your favorite print and you could win a pair.  Please leave your e-mail address so you can be contacted.

NOW time to announce this weeks winner of our opening week contest .  The winner is....................
Ritz.  Thank you Ritz for choosing to follow the blog.  You won a pair of white w/ black dots 5/8" shoe laces.  Please e-mail me your info at

That is all for today.  Post again soon.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twinkle Toes

Happy Tuesday everyone.  We are now 4 days into 2011.  Today was a craft day with the girls.  First they spent the morning with Daddy making Shrinky Dinks.  They had a blast.  They showed me how they "made magic".  I love seeing them so happy making stuff.  You would not believe the amounts of paper we go through with them drawing, cutting, folding and "making" thing for Mommy and Daddy.  The second part of the day was me making them their shoes.  I don't know how many of you have daughters but my daughter has been begging me to buy her a pair of shoes called "Twinkle Toes" by Sketchers.  Well I am very sorry to say, but I am not paying $30 for a pair of shoes that she is going to out grow in about 5 months with the rate she is growing.  Also, my daughter is very hard on shoes.  So today I made her a pair.

I made this.....  
All I did was go to Wal-Mart that had the black canvas shoes on sale for $3.  Then with a 40% off coupon went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bucket of acrylic rhinestones (0rignal price 15.99).  I used the 7mm size rhinestones. I already had the fabric glue from a previous project, but you can also use some E600 (allow to dry for at least 24 hrs before letting them wear them).  I let her pick out what colors.  I then made the pattern the best I could.  I feel that something is missing and might go over the area with some glitter glue.  I don't know.  The shoelaces are from Plain & Fancy Bowtique Christmas Collection.  She is happy with her new shoes.  I got to save money and spend  time with my daughter.

and that too.
These are for my younger daughter, who is not so girly.  Also, I could not find girl canvas shoes in her size when shopping so I got the boys. Well with a little "BLING" and some satin ribbon shoe laces in light pink, that I offer on my website Plain & Fancy Bowtique, she now has a pair of girly shoes.   

It took me a total of an hour to make the shoes.
 Thanks for letting me share. 

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