Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I made....A bottle cap key chain

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.  I am hoping to do better now that the baby is getting bigger and I am not so stressed about our house.
So today I am going to share with you a free tutorial on how to make a bottle cap keychain.  Sorry for some of the pics, my son was helping me by taking pics so I could use both hands.
First here is your supplies. This is what I use, but if you want to change anything to add your own style then that is fine.
So we have split rings.  I have two sizes 9mm and 33mm.  
Paper Glaze or 1" epoxy dots.
1/16" hole punch
Welding pliers and a piece of felt
1" bottle cap (I used one with a design on one side)
Bottle cap image (there are many you can get from ETSY ). The one I am using was free share from a forum that I belong to.  Making your own is a whole new tutorial.  
Sticker maker (pic is below)

 Line your welding pliers with the felt.  This keeps the bottle cap from getting scratched.
 I have found by placing the bottle cap this way when applying pressure you get less dents.
 You want to apply even firm, but not to firm, pressure.  You will have to rotate the cap to get it flattened on all sides.
 Here is one side after it is flattened.  It gives it that "charm" look.
 Here is the other side.
 Now you want to make your image sticky on one side. This is what I use and LOVE IT!!!!
When you get one it needs to be permanent adhesive.
 Place the image inside the cap.  Press firmly down on your image.
 Now you either place your epoxy dome over the image or use the paper glaze according to the directions.
You can also use a resin.  This is just personal choice on what you want to use.
 You need to punch your hole in the cap.  Then place the 9mm split ring through it.  Add the larger split ring and..........
Voila.... You have made a
bottle cap key chain.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
Chaun V.

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