Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I MADE my family do.

So this past week has been really crazy. We had the ultimate winter storm here in Texas. You think being locked in the house for four days I would get so much done. WRONG!! With all 5 kids in the house I got NOTHING... I mean NOTHING done.

So on to what I made my family do. At my church they are doing a 40 day fasting. Well with me breast feeding I can not quite do that. So I came up with my own fasting for me and my family. Yes this more goes on the lines of lint but we have never done anything like this so we have to work our way into it. As a family we have given up eating out for 40 days. Easy you might say, but not for us/me. I am all about convenience with my big family. My thinking behind it is this, fasting is suppose to help you grow and provide self improvement. By us not eating out we will be eating at the dinner table more and growing as a family. Also, we will be praying at dinner time as a family. So our growth as a family and God will be met. The extra bonus, we will not be physically growing, I hope to be shrinking.

With one week now down the struggle begins.
Wish us luck that we can make it through. Prayers would be nice too.
Chaun V.